Melmoth The Wanderer
“Did not Eliot return to dead cultures, ancient languages, and the Legend of the Fisher King? Did not Yeats sustain himself on the Irish folklore? Did not Lawrence traipse across continents to Mexico, seeking the meaning of the Aztecs, the wisdom of primitive man?… Yours is a motel civilization…. Your art makes no sense and your music is too loud.” - John Leonard 
… it contains no dead, hard, limited objects … the life of the substance consists in the assuming and consuming of numberless masks.”
You aren’t asleep under the cypress trees,For in this world there is no sleep.
Pick Up If You’re There
"Maybe I’m wrong to say this - giving voice to your thoughts is rather like making a vow - but I think I’m destined to wreck my life. I’m far to unconcerned about things that don’t matter. It’s as if I’m throwing nothingness back into nothingness in a sort of rage. ‘Lost time should be lost. What’s empty should never be turned to profit’. That’s my kind of nobility, What wouldn’t I give to be able to float, sleeping, above the boredom of life, all those moments when you can’t help thinking you could be somewhere else." - Gracq, A Dark Stranger
You dawn of the darkness, you turn night to day - I see the light at last. - Aeschylus, Agamemnon.